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Bailarina de tango. Vestuarista. Dibujante.Intereses: Arte, Historia, Viajes, Culturas-musicas-danzas del mundo. Mis prioridades: familia y amigos y mi carrera. Tango dancer. Fashion designer. Illustrator. Interests: Art, History, Travel, Cultures-dances-music of the world. My priorities in life: family and friends, my career. Website:

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2021

Kærlighed til Tangoen... Behind the stage !

Behind the stage, behind the curtains, after and before shows, life is full of wonderful experiences....

Meeting old friends and colleagues, getting to know new friends, artists, stage managers and technicians.

This is the other side of the artistic work, as wonderful as performing.

Kærlighed til Tangoen - Astor Piazzolla 100 år was full of those moments. We travel together and share many life moments along those days and shows.

Arriving to Århus for the first concert

Østre Gasværk Teater after Saturday performance

Dinner at Restaurant Homberg 19, Copenhagen

In our way to Aalborg at the company bus

With my dance partner & singer Julia Zenko at dressing rooms

Art director Victor Hugo Diaz, Music director Alexis Cardenas, 
myself  & my dance partner Kristian Andersen

Victor Hugo Diaz, Pianist-arranger Fernando Marzan, 
dancers Corina de la Rosa & Ale Andrian, myself, 
Stage manager Birgitte Schmølker, dancer Kristian Andersen

With Per Arne Glorvigen & my dance partner Kristian Andersen

The dancers, before the show

The dancers, dinner after show.

... to my colleagues dancers Corina de la Rosa, Ale Andrian, Kristian Andersen. 
... to all musicians at Danmarks Underholdningsorkester, director Alexis Cardenas, Bandoneon Per Arne Glorvigen, Piano and arrangements Fernando Marzan, Singer Julia Zenko,  
... to light designer  Sune Verdier.
... to our Artistic Director Victor Hugo Diaz, our productor Clarissa Ricard Borchorst, our stage manager Birgitte Schmølker, and all technicians.

lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2021

Kærlighed til Tangoen - Astor Piazzolla 100 år: some of the pictures of the concerts.

Here some of the photos of the performances of  Kærlighed til Tangoen - Astor Piazzolla 100 år at  in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Aalborg in Denmark.

Photos by Camilla Lundbye

Danmarks Underholdningsorkester. 
Solo violinist - director Alexis Cardenas. 
Music arrangements - pianist Fernando Marzan. 
Bandoneon soloist Per Arne Glorvigen. 
Singer Julia Zenko. 
Artistic direction Victor Hugo Diaz. 
Dancers: Corina De La Rosa, Ale Andrian, Marcela Troncoso, Kristian Andersen. 
Light design Sune Verdier.

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miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2021

Premiere yesterday night performing at Kærlighed til Tangoen Astor Piazzolla 100 år at Musikhuset in Aarhus, Denmark

We had our first concert Premiere with Kærlighed til Tangoen Astor Piazzolla 100 år at Musikhuset in Aarhus, Denmark, yesterday night.
A fantastic experience working together with great musicians, singer and dancers!
Thanks for a wonderful night!
Looking forward to our next show tomorrow at 19.30, this time in Copenhagen!

Next concerts:
> 4 November 19.30 hs Østre Gasværk Teater Copenhagen
> 5 November 19.30 hs Østre Gasværk Teater Copenhagen
> 6 November 15.00 hs Østre Gasværk Teater Copenhagen
> 6 November 19.30 hs Østre Gasværk Teater Copenhagen
> 7 November 19.00 hs Musikkens Hus Aalborg

Get tickets for the concerts here:
Danmarks Underholdningsorkester

Danmarks Underholdningsorkester. Solo violinist - director Alexis Cardenas. Music arrangements - pianist Fernando Marzan. Bandoneon soloist Per Arne Glorvigen. Singer Julia Zenko. Artistic direction Victor Hugo Diaz. Dancers: Corina De La Rosa, Ale Andrian, Marcela Troncoso, Kristian Andersen. Light design Sune Verdier.

#piazzolla100years #piazzolla100år #piazzolla #marcelatroncosotango

viernes, 15 de octubre de 2021

Performing at Kærlighed til Tangoen – Piazzolla 100 år (Love to Tango - Piazolla 100 years) , serie of 7 shows in Denmark.

 Happy to have been called up as Tango dancer to "Kærlighed til Tangoen – Piazzolla 100 år" (Love for Tango - Piazzolla 100 years)!

I will be performing at this series of seven shows , homage to Astor Piazzolla in the 100 years Anniversary of his birthday , from 2nd to 21 November in Denmark.

Artist participating:

Danish Entertainment Orchestra

Solo violinist and conductor: Alexis Cardenas

Bandoneonist: Per Arne Glorvigen

Singer: Julia Zenko

Dancers: Corina de la Rosa, Alejandro Andrian, Marcela Troncoso and Kristian Andersen

Director and Tango Consultant: Victor Hugo Diaz

Lighting designer: Sune Verdier

Enjoy our concerts in Denmark:

More info & Tyckets at  orchestra website

domingo, 10 de octubre de 2021

COURSES, 6 weeks on THURSDAYS, starting on 21 October at LA T in Malmö


6 weeks intensive courses
Participate in only one, 2 or all 3 courses. Combine as you wish!
Course in Swedish - available translation: English/ Spanish.

  • Thursdays
    • TANGO BASICS: 18.00 - 19.00
    • MILONGA: 19.00 - 20.00
    • TANGO CONNECTION: 20.00 - 21.00
  • Dates: 21 October  - 2 December
  • Obs: No class on 4th November.

  • TANGO BASICS: Beginners - Intermediate who want to deepen basics - learn the other role
  • MILONGA: All levels  - learn the other role
  • TANGO CONNECTION: Intermediate - advance

  • one course 700 kr
    • TANGO BASICS Discount price 600 kr by registering in couple, and for students
  • combine 2 courses: 1100 kr
  • all 3 courses: 1500 kr
  • Included in the fee:
    • For each course you participate: 2 free entrances to social dance/train at La T practica on Wednesday 19.30-21.30 during the course 
      • One course: 6 hs classes + 4 hs for free at Wednesday Practica
      • 2 courses: 12 hs classes + 8 hs for free at Wednesday Practica 
      • 3 courses: 18 hs classes + 12 hs for free at Wednesday Practica

La T  Malmö, Sofielunds Folkets Hus, Rolfsgatan 16... ( for both classes on Thursdays and training on Wednesdays )

  • by mail to
  • Registration and payment must be completed in advance.
  • Register alone or in couple to TANGO BASICS  and MILONGA. We train in couples. We will help you to find a partner.
  • Register in couple to TANGO CONNECTION.

La T website
La T milonga in Malmö - Facebook group
Find a partner for your course (contact us to be part of this private Facebook group)

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2021

"The big four " on Auction! All international bids are welcome!

The original of my painting"The big four" is being auctioned by Camarin Tango, the actual owner.
SEND YOUR BID by SMS to: +46 723031450, or  Anders Mårtensson on messenger.

Marcela Troncoso's original painting "The Big Four" is now being auctioned by Camarin during the period 1/10 to 17/12.
The starting price is SEK 4,500.
All international bidders are welcome as well.

You can place your bid either at our Friday Milongas at Camarin in Malmö, Torpgatan 21 between 19 -22hrs ( or submit a proposal bid as an SMS to Anders Mårtensson 0723031450 or via Messenger to Anders as well.

”THE BIG 4” is painted by artist Marcela Troncoso for tango association Camarin in Malmö, Sweden, features TANGO legends Pugliese, D´Arienzo, Di Sarli and Troilo. Size 50 x70 cm, mixed media (ink and markers) on paper.

Do you want your own tango drawing, painting, portrait ?

A REDUCED NUMBER OF COPIES ARE FOR SALE, size 50 x 70 cm. and the copy costs 500 SEK.
Contact CAMARIN if you are interested in a copy: or mail to

martes, 5 de octubre de 2021

Lovely Premiere at LA T MILONGA MALMÖ on Tuesday 5 October!

We had a lovely Premiere at La T yesterday! It feels great to be back on Tuesday to our beloved venue.

 💓  THANKS to all tango friends who were there despite the heavy rain. It was very touching to dance at our place again, chatting, laughing and enjoying that tango friendship that we were longing for.

💓 THANKS to those attending both classes before milonga for trusting my teaching and for your positive feedback.

💓 THANKS to those who supported us under this pandemic time and still do it, in all possible ways.

LA T MILONGA continues every TUESDAY with two classes, Milonga-Vals & Tango, for all levels, and milonga afterwards.

If you can not make it on Tuesdays, now we invite you with LA T PRACTICA, on WEDNESDAYS at Sofielunds Folkets hus. A new space  with 2 solo training classes (without partner) and 2 hours practica afterwards.

LOVE, HAPPY DAYS and the MOST WONDERFUL DANCES until we meet again!
Marcela / La T milonga