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Bailarina de tango. Vestuarista. Dibujante.Intereses: Arte, Historia, Viajes, Culturas-musicas-danzas del mundo. Mis prioridades: familia y amigos y mi carrera. Tango dancer. Fashion designer. Illustrator. Interests: Art, History, Travel, Cultures-dances-music of the world. My priorities in life: family and friends, my career. Website:

sábado, 10 de abril de 2021

Special price PRIVATE TANGO CLASSES for COUPLES in April!

 Save up to 1000 SEK booking until 30 April!

1 class >   get 100 kr. discount !  Pay 500 kr.
3 classes > get  300 kr. discount !  Pay 1200 kr. 
10 classes > get 1000 kr. discount !  Pay 3500 kr.

- Available for booking in couple.
- Booking and payment should be completed during April..
- Obs. class packages have a limited duration. Check the validity period of your package.


viernes, 2 de abril de 2021

Happy Easter - Glad Påsk - Felices Pascuas


Still life with apples. Artist Marcela Troncoso. 
Oil on canvas. 50 x 60 cm