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sábado, 21 de agosto de 2021

Wonderful experience at KLUBB BAIRES PRIDE TANGO - 21 August 2021 !

IT HAS BEEN SO WONDERFUL to experience tango music, try and dance tango, watch the tango movie in 3D about tango atmosphere in Buenos Aires, taste Argentine sweet and savory delicacies, in one of the most authentic environments that Malmö can offer.

Klubb Baires delivers again, and this time together with Mitt Möllan and Alfajores Dulcita, they organized several different free activities yesterday 21 August 2021, open to everyone, during Malmö Pride days.

I am proud to live in Malmö, a multicultural city where everything and everyone is included. Like my beloved TANGO, which includes everything and everyone, and is much more than a dance: it is a whole CULTURE, which should not be limited to dance. And what we could experience all the happy people who were there!

The music warmed hearts and the joy spread throughout the sunny Saturday afternoon.

Grateful that I got to be a small part of this very special event. Grateful that I got to know wonderful people. Grateful that my dear tango friends were there. Grateful to the organizers for the trust.

I wish you all love, happy days, health and the nicest tango experiences yet to come!

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@klubbbaires @alfajoresdulcita @mittmollan @marcelatroncosotango

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