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miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2021

Kærlighed til Tangoen... Behind the stage !

Behind the stage, behind the curtains, after and before shows, life is full of wonderful experiences....

Meeting old friends and colleagues, getting to know new friends, artists, stage managers and technicians.

This is the other side of the artistic work, as wonderful as performing.

Kærlighed til Tangoen - Astor Piazzolla 100 år was full of those moments. We travel together and share many life moments along those days and shows.

Arriving to Århus for the first concert

Østre Gasværk Teater after Saturday performance

Dinner at Restaurant Homberg 19, Copenhagen

In our way to Aalborg at the company bus

With my dance partner & singer Julia Zenko at dressing rooms

Art director Victor Hugo Diaz, Music director Alexis Cardenas, 
myself  & my dance partner Kristian Andersen

Victor Hugo Diaz, Pianist-arranger Fernando Marzan, 
dancers Corina de la Rosa & Ale Andrian, myself, 
Stage manager Birgitte Schmølker, dancer Kristian Andersen

With Per Arne Glorvigen & my dance partner Kristian Andersen

The dancers, before the show

The dancers, dinner after show.

... to my colleagues dancers Corina de la Rosa, Ale Andrian, Kristian Andersen. 
... to all musicians at Danmarks Underholdningsorkester, director Alexis Cardenas, Bandoneon Per Arne Glorvigen, Piano and arrangements Fernando Marzan, Singer Julia Zenko,  
... to light designer  Sune Verdier.
... to our Artistic Director Victor Hugo Diaz, our productor Clarissa Ricard Borchorst, our stage manager Birgitte Schmølker, and all technicians.

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