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lunes, 10 de octubre de 2022

Ignacio Varchausky visit to Malmö 7 - 9 October. Fantastic three Tango music workshops!

 Last weekend, 7 - 9 October, we had the enormous pleasure to get once more in Malmö the visit of a great argentinean TANGO musician, and fantastic Tango music teacher, IGNACIO VARCHAUSKY, organized by Klubb Baires.

What to say about Ignacio? WORLD FAMOUS for its seminars/workshops around the world. TEACHER OF TEACHERS IN ARGENTINA. Founder of Orquesta El Arranque, and Orquesta Escuela Emilio Balcarce.

Ignacio delivered  in Malmö last weekend a serie of three workshops about What makes Tango music danceable, Tango music for musicians ( open to general audience as well) and Tango on vinil, the hidden discography. 

As usually, Ignacio illustrated the concepts with many musical examples in an extremely pedagogic way allowing everybody even us, non musician participants, to not only enjoy but deeply understand and learn about each thematic.

Thanks Klubb Baires, for offering always the highest quality in your TANGO  and CULTURE events,  that include concerts, dance nights, lectures and exhibitions! 

Looking forward to more Klubb Baires, and more events like these ones!

Stay in tunes for more Klubb Baires events:

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